Monthly Archives: February 2014

Groups & Guilds

Groups & Guilds is a card game for children ages 3+ with rules that scale based on the players’ age and skill level. This game is intended to introduce fledgling gamers to basic fantasy gaming concepts such as  groups, guilds, classes, and (surprise) encounters. There are four of each type of card in the deck. […]

Wee Beasties: Bedtime

Wee Beasties: Bedtime is one of my favorite creative writing projects thus far. There are so many wonderful fantasy creatures in the world of tabletop gaming. I wanted to find a way to introduce some of those creatures to the youngsters and fledgling gamers in my life. So, what would wee versions of these fantasy creatures […]

Grubbins the Goblin

Written by: Andi Smith    Illustrated by: Hatice Bayramoglu I have to confess: Grubbins the Goblin was written completely tongue in cheek. It started with a silly name, followed by a silly rhyme (or three), which eventually culminated into this book. I wanted to keep the story short as I know that our young ones find […]

Whimsy Works 2014 Convention Schedule

Hi-Lo Whimsies! Whimsy Works & Dreamscarred Press will have a booth at the following conventions in 2014: T.A.B.L.E. – March 28th – 30th; Irving, Texas G33k3 – April 4th – 6th; McKinney, Texas Reaper Con – April 24th – 27th; Lewisville, Texas Texicon – June 27th – 29th; Grapevine, Texas GenCon – August 14th – […]