Grubbins the Goblin

Grubbins the Goblin
Grubbins the Goblin

Written by: Andi Smith    Illustrated by: Hatice Bayramoglu

I have to confess: Grubbins the Goblin was written completely tongue in cheek. It started with a silly name, followed by a silly rhyme (or three), which eventually culminated into this book.

I wanted to keep the story short as I know that our young ones find it hard to sit still. In the book, I touch briefly on the odd things a goblin might eat; how the goblin is easily distracted by shinies, and his love for his magic polyhedral dice. Each of the die has his or her own personality and purpose. I’d like to write about this little group of magical dice in future Grubbins books.


Gamer Knowledge

Grubbins is a Blue goblin. That may be stating the obvious because, yes, his skin is blue. However, he is also a race of goblin that are called the “Blue” that have psionic abilities.

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