Wee Beasties Plush Kickstarter – May 1st!

I am so excited to announce that we will be launching the Wee Beasties Plush Kickstarter on May 1st!

Here is the line-up so far:

  • Initial Funding will be for the Wee Manticore
  • The 1st stretch goal will be for the Wee Owlbear
  • The 2rd stretch goal will be for Fierce the Winged Kitten
  • The 3th stretch goal will be for a *LIMITED EDITION* White Version of the Wee Owlbear
  • The 4th stretch goal will be for the Wee Medusa
  • The 5th stretch goal will be for the Wee Ogre

There are more on the list but our focus is on hitting the initial funding first!

These adorable and super cuddly Wee Beasties Plush will be approximately 8 inches tall and made of soft minky fabric with embroidered details and features. We want them to look as close to the illustrations in Wee Beasties: Bedtime, so we may have to go through several versions of each prototype to get it JUST RIGHT.

These would make awesome gifts for any of the gamers or fledgling gamers in your life. Is your GM (Game Master) expecting? Great baby shower gift! Birthday? Anniversary? Celebration? Holiday? They just might have enough gamer geek tees! Or maybe too many polyhedral dice! (Okay, no, you can never have too many dice.) Enough of the dice cups, dice towers, Dungeons & Dragons minis or supplement books! Strike a critical hit with a Wee Beastie plush for the favorite geek or geeks in your life! No need to roll a d20!

We’ve created a Facebook Event page for the Wee Beasties plush Launch Day. We invite you to join the event so you can be up to date on all of the Wee Beasties Kickstarter goodness!


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