Wee Beasties: Pretend Time

We are so excited about Wee Beasties: Pretend Time!

First and foremost, we are introducing a new illustrator! Her name is Heather R. Hitchman and her talent and creativity is absolutely magical and perfectly suited for our Wee Beasties! We are so happy to have her on board and we just know you will love her art as much as we do!

Secondly, we are introducing two new Beasties to the Wee Beasties family: Belle the Wee Minotaur and Cherry the Wee Treant!

Pretend Time will feature our beloved Wee Beasties as they pretend to be different fantasy adventuring classes.

Just imagine Orson the Wee Owlbear pretending to be a rogue.

Or Belle the Wee Minotaur as a bard!

Olive the Wee Ogre as a monk!

Jasper the Wee Kobold as a barbarian!

Just like Wee Beasties: Bedtime, Wee Beasties: Pretend Time will also have hidden d20s and other fun tongue-in-cheek Easter Eggs in the illustrations.

The Kickstarter for Wee Beasties: Pretend Time will launch on October, 10th, 2017.

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