The Owlbear Designer Plush Kickstarter!


The Owlbear Designer Plush Kickstarter is in the books! Thanks to over 100 unique backers we were able to make our goal to have Fireball Owlbear mass produced!

It seems that with every Kickstarter we do we learn quite a few lessons. This time around we learned that no matter what our market research results tell us the Kickstarter backers always seem to want something completely different!

As much love as Fireball Owlbear received he clearly was not the fan favorite. It seems that many had their hopes set on Painbow Owlbear…who wasn’t even on our roster for stretch goals. The votes for Painbow were many. So much so that we’ve created a newsletter just for him and his upcoming Kickstarter.

It seems that Icosa the d20 Owlbear was also in high demand. He didn’t get quite as much love when we were asking for feedback but this is the nature of things, I suppose. Our hope is that we will be able to unlock Icosa during the Painbow Kickstarter.

Next on our Kickstarter rotation is the Wee Beasties: Pretend Time children’s book. We hope to launch this project in July but this is contingent upon completing the fulfillment of the Wee Beasties plush as well as the Owlbears plush Kickstarters. We expect to receive all product late spring/early summer.

Our thanks to everyone who supported us by pledging and/or sharing this project!

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