Wee Owlbear plushies!


It has been a LONG time coming but we’ve finally received the prototypes for our Wee Owlbear plushies! This means that we have these little guys going into production so we can get them to our awesome backers ASAP!

Wynnie the Snowy Wee Owlbear and Oberon the grey Wee Owlbear are expected to be delivered in July. We’ve learned, of course, that with mass manufacturing that delays are inevitable. We will continue to send updates to our backers every step of the way even though we are on the home stretch of fulfillment. Communication is key and we want to be sure to keep everyone in the loop!




What tickles me is that  Wynnie and Oberon were not in Wee Beasties: Bedtime. Of course, that makes me feel bad for my dear, sweet Orson as he is the original and featured Owlbear in the Wee Beasties series. Being the happy-go-lucky guy that he is, I am pretty sure he doesn’t mind. 

Wynnie is our Snowy Wee Owlbear. She is almost completely white with slate grey accents and aqua colored eyes. 

Oberon the grey Wee Owlbear came to be because we wanted to give our patient backers another option since fulfillment was taking longer than we expected.

He is pretty stinking cute, though, and I couldn’t be more pleased to add him to the Wee Beasties family. He has pretty grey fur with contrasting white fur tufts and shares the same color of aqua eyes as Wynnie. While Wynnie is my snowy Wee Owlbear, Oberon is my stormy Wee Owlbear. I see him as my grumpiest or gloomiest Wee Beastie. Despite this character trait he is still super cute and a fun addition to the series! 

Orson the Wee Owlbear was not funded during the Wee Beasties plush Kickstarter but that’s fine with me. We are still finalizing his overall look as I’m not completely  happy with his color scheme. We will continue to work with the factory until we get him just how we want him and then we will start planning his Kickstarter, too.

These sweet little plushies are absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to ship them to our backers!

Pre-Orders for Wynnie and Oberon will be available in our shop soon. Be sure to subscribe to the Whimsy Works Newsletter so you will be first to know when those pre-orders are available!

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