What are Epic! Rolls?

Epic Rolls are plushies with a zipper pouch to store your dice, baubles, trinkets, or preciouseses! The Lord Gelbert Jellington plush pouch can hold two standard sets of 7-piece polyhedral dice. 

The plush will be in the shape of a standard six-sided die (cube) or a 6 inch long roll. Future designs may also include polyhedral dice.

Lord Gelbert Jellington will be the first design in what we hope will become a series of adorable, fantasy gaming themed plush pouches. 

Our Kickstarter was a resounding success and both designs for Series 1 are going in for production thanks to our incredible backers!

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The Original Lord Gelbert Jellington Design Sheet

This is the original concept sheet we sent to our factory when we started the prototype process. 



Stretch Goal 

This is the design concept sheet for our first stretch goal for the Epic Rolls Kickstarter, the fair yet fierce Jelly Cube, Lady Gellian Jigglesbee. Thanks to our Kickstarter backers we were able to unlock this design!