The Minions of Mischief & Mayhem in the kingdom of Hyroll


Rumor has it that the Globlins came to be as a result of Faerie magic. It is said that an outcast clan of Fey wanted a direct way to control the elements in the realm.

They concocted an elixir that contained the various elements and mixed it with their magical dust. Almost instantly tiny motes of light of all varying colors sprang forth from this magical mixture like a prismatic spray. 

Ever so slowly, many of the motes grew and evolved into colorful globs of matter that soon transformed into what we now know to be the Globlins. Unsure of what might happen to them for creating these glob creatures the outcast Fey fled the kingdom never to be heard from again. 

Thus the heart element Globlin, LubbDubb, was chosen as leader of their clan. 

There are still many motes that have yet to evolve into their Globlin form. It is not known what might trigger their evolution as it seems to happen at random. When a new Globlin emerges there is a much rejoicing and a naming ceremony is held.

The Globlins lived happily in their forest home for many years after their creation. They had become fast friends with the Owlbear clan and enjoyed a peaceful existence in the kingdom of Hyroll.

One day a forest fire destroyed much of the forest and with it a great number of their homes. It was discovered that the Owlbear known as Fireball had accidentally caused the fire. However, the Globlin clan believed the act to be intentional and the once friendly clans became distant. 

The Globlins soon started to plot against the Owlbears. What devious pranks could they get away with to tease and torment the ones who set fire to their beautiful forest?

It should be noted that the Globlins are not a mean or evil sort. However, the ever playful Globlins have an affinity for mischief. As such they became known as the Minions of Mischief and Mayhem of the kingdom of Hyroll. 

It is up to their leader, LubbDubb and his assistant, Clover, to try to keep the peace with the Owlbears while keeping his clan out of trouble…which is much easier said than done. 


Meet the Globlins!