What are Owlbears?

Owlbears are a designer plush project. The Fireball Owlbear was successfully funded via Kickstarter in Spring 2017.
More designs, such as BoH (the Bag of Holding Owlbear with a zipper pouch on his back) and Icosa the d20 Owlbear will be available through a Kickstarter campaign in the near future.

Each Owlbear will be approximately 12″ tall and made of cuddly soft faux fur and minky fabric. These adorable and cuddly soft plush Owlbears will feature embroidered fantasy-gaming related symbols such as spells, classes, dice, and more on their chubby bellies.

While many of the Paunch Patch designs are designed by us, we will also be using icons (edited and unedited) from the awesome folks at Game Icons thanks to their Creative Commons license.


Meet the Owlbears!

The Owlbears live in the village of Game-a-lot in the magical kingdom of Hyroll. Their neighbors, the Globlins, live in the nearby forest, Fireball’s Folly, in a giant tree called Gnodise Hollow.

Fireball’s Folly was once a densely packed forest of trees and lush foliage. Now there is a large area of the wood that has been razed due to an unfortunate (and accidental) forest fire.

As a result of this incident the Owlbears and the Globlins are not on the best terms. It should also be noted that the Globlins are not necessarily mean or evil but they are known across Hyroll as Minions of Mischief and Mayhem.

Simply put…they are often devious troublemakers.

The Owlbears’ leader, GM, and the Globlins’ leader, LubbDubb, are very good friends and do their best to ease the tensions between their clans. Of course, just as soon as a peace has settled between them a mischievous Globlin or two finds a way to ruin everything.

Click here to learn more about the Globlins.


3 thoughts on “Owlbears

  1. Owlbear says:

    Absolutely adore Painbow, Rules Lawyer, Monk & Bard. Would love to see a dark green/brown mix for Druid! Or a Hawaiian shirt wearing one called Gary after his creator.
    I’m in Australia, any idea what I’d be looking at for postage?
    My derpy Owlbear from John Kovalic needs a friend or two… or three… 😉

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