About Us

Andi & Jeremy

Whimsy Works is primarily one person, lil’ ol’ me, Andi Smith. I do get plenty of help on the non-creative side of things from my husband, Jeremy.

I was inspired to create Whimsy Works back in 2006 when my gamer friends began having children. I wanted a way to share my love of the hobby with even the littlest of geeks. 
I am first and foremost a wife, stay-at-home mom, and a caregiver for my mother. I love to write and create new plush designs and other products when time allows. I even dabble in hand making my own plush now and then.
Jeremy and I live in North Texas with our two children; my mother; our two chihuahuas: Poe and Finn; and our English Bulldog, Boo.

Andi Smith
owner. author. creator.

 Andi is a proud geeky gamer mom. Her passion for gaming and her love for children inspired her to create Whimsy Works.

She is obsessed with Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Star Wars, The Office (US), Sherlock (BBC), the ID channel, gaming, horror movies, Owlbears, and Coca-Cola Slurpees,



Jeremy Smith
Assistant to the Regional Manager

Jeremy was the project manager for the first Whimsy Works Kickstarter Campaign for Wee Beasties: Bedtime.  

As the Assistant to the Regional Manager of Whimsy Works, his primary responsibilities include but are not limited to website maintenance, book keeping, and liberating staplers from gelatin molds.